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PSA-Group brings back Simca

27.01.2011 23:59

According to an article in AutoBild, PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) is apparently planning to reanimate the 70 year old Simca brand and position it as a budget model like Renault did success full with the Dacia brand. The plan is a sedan in the Jetta model format.
The PSA group (Peugeot and Citroen), are apparently planning to revive the 70 year Simca brand. Because inexpensive cars are in demand, PSA would enter this market too,says PSA CEO Philippe Varin. It isimportant that the cars sell well and are different then the cars build by Citroen and Peugeot.
Like Renault did with Dacia, a model with Renault technique but a low price. Back in the 70s Simca had offered cheap family cars like the 1307. After it was bought by the PSA group in May 1978 for 1 US dollar it was renamed in 1980 Talbot. The two new cars, Talbot Samba ( Based on the Peugeot 104) and Talbot Tagora did not sell well due to the many technical products and bad quality of the cars. In 1986 Talbot / Simca stopped producing cars, due to quality and many defects that had destroyed the image. The new Simca will be a Saloon in the Jetta model format. Base could be the Peugeot 408 which is build in China for the Chinese market. It is a sedan with a huge trunk and room for five people.

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Re: PSA-Group brings back Simca

29.01.2011 15:58

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Re: PSA-Group brings back Simca

14.02.2014 23:59


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